Club Penguin band going around

Hey everyone! This is Enricom from

The Club Penguin Band took a break from playing in the Ice Berg!

They are going around CP and giving out a special signed background! Here is how it looks like:

Thanks Mike 92 for this picture

Anyways, I found the band myseld so I don’t have to give credit to anyone. Here are they:

That was G Billy, if you click on the box you can get a background!

Stombin Bob! The cello player!

Petey k!

And Franky!

Well this is me wearing the background:

Here are some tips on how to find them:

1. They go on full or almost full servers

2. They ALWAYS go in the backstage, you’ll need a vip pass to go there

3. They are always together

4. If you are a non-member don’t bother searching them (Sorry non-members)

The dock has changed again it looks like opera? I don’t know lol. Here it is:

Also I’m doing a video right now it’s going to be finished soon. Please visit my youtube:




DJ game picture changed! =O

Hey everyone! This is Enricom from

Guess what? Go to the “What’s new” blog on Club Penguin, skip Billybob’s post about the igloos on map (it’s boring) and go to the post about the DJ game! See anything different? I do! Let’s see both of the pictures better, here they are:

First pic:

Second pic:

These are the differences I notice (if I miss any just tell me 😉 )

  1. The penguin is green
  2. There are blue and yellow wires (or is it a logo?) coming from the tight and the left site of the DJ table
  3. On the botttom left of the pic there is a red circle..
  4. In the centre of the DJ table, at the end near the penguin, the white piece GLOWS!
  5. The picture looks like cropped at the bottom, I mean, in the last pic u could see more wires and the piano wasnt cropped

I think that is it for today! Oh no actually, I forgot, DN productions made a party, here is the invitation:

The problem is: Im not sure if I’ll be able to come. if I’m not there have fun anyway, the party will be filmed and put onto youtube. My youtube is: Plz sub me.



Lots of new stuff by Enricom

Good morning everyone! 😀 Yep, it is morning for me 9.40 AM.

So, today there are many updates on CP. Let’s start with the DJ game sneak peek! Screenhog released a sneak peek of it yesterday… I think. Anyways, he said that ever since CP began, the DJ table has always been in the dance club or in our house lol but that isn’t really what he’s talking about… The Dj table wasn’t in any way intereactive, you couldn’t do anything with it… until now. The game will be release on July 25 and hope it will be a good way to get coins! 😛 Here is the sneak peek:

WOW! It looks awesome doesn’t it? On the 25th I’m gonna be ready to ROCK DA HOUSE!!!! Yeah! Oh, I forgot, this is gonna be launched with the party which obviously has to do with music. I really can’t wait! I think there is gonna be a room for each kind of music, pop, rock, folk etc…

Let’s go on to the update about the igloos on the map. Now it’s much easier to find them! Here is a picture:

Did you see the first igloo? It belongs to Agent Logan, that is probably Logan (a.k.a Cool Pengu) in a secret identity! LOL!

Anyways, the Night Club is under construction right? Well try looking in the HQ in the TV that shows the night club… it is not under construction! HAHA! They forgot about it!

Also guess what, now you acn only add up to 100 buddies like before! Hehe now ppl who added more than 100 have to delete buddies MWHAHAHAHA I’m so evil. Thanks Ninja Boy1 for telling me not to add more than 100 buddies, as usual you were correct. So, if you have more than 100 buddies and try to add more you get this:

Also do you remember the cheat that made you walk on the pathway on the right of the town? Yeah now there is another way to do it. Here are the steps:

1. Go to town

2. Click in the spot shown in the pic

3. Just as you reach the blue arrow, open your pnguin mail by clicking on the letter.

4. Wait a few seconds and then close it. You are now on the pathway 😉

The probelm is that if you click on any other spot in the pathway you will go in the other room.

Well that is it for today! I hope you liked my post!



New newspaper and player card update

Hey guys!

The CP team changed their minds and made a new design for the player card inventory. Here are two pics:

Now lets go on to the newspaper, here’s how it looks like:

As you all probably know, Rockhopper came back and to not break his ship again with an iceberg he used the snow cannon! Look in the following pic to see how it works!

IT BLOWS UP ICEBERGS!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! Oh I forgot, hes going away on the 7th of July.

Remember penguin mail? We haven’t heard about it in a long time! Well here are some facts about it in the newspaper:

LOL look at Rockhopper!!!!!

Also today I found a cheat on the newspaper, if u click on Aunt Arctic’s head, her glasses change!

Here are the upcoming events:

If u havent looked carefully look what happens on July 11 😦 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISNEY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN! STOP BRINGING BACK OLD PLAYS!!!!!!! 😦



New music vid

Hello everyone!

Today I uploaded to YouTube my first video for my new productions, DN productions! It took 3 days to make and I really worked hard on it, so plz watch it 😉 Remember, if you watch in HIGH QUALITY it looks sooooooooo much better! Anyways, click here



New stuff

Hello everyone!

Today there are fireworks in CP! They are the same as last year in the ice berg and in the mountain… CP has lost all ideas geez. Here are some pics:

Also Billybob released a sneak peek of the new catalog:

And, here is a pic of how the servers will be like:

It will tell u which servers u and ur buddies go on more, cool!



Earthquake, new pin & new furniture catalog

AHHHH there is an earthquake in the town!!!!!!!! Somebody save us before we all die CP is gonna break in half and blow up!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

*Takes his usual drug –> Now feels betta*

Ok after the panic I had before I am now ready to talk seriously. There is an earhquake in the town including all its shops. Here is a collage that shows the earthquake:

There is also a new pin 2day:

Now lets go on to the New Catalog. Here is the front page there is a weirdo thats falling down from his chair lol

To get the Inflatable dragon click on this:

To get the clam, click on this:

To get the lava lamp, click on this:

Also if u go to the lighthouse, the music is from the water party xD